Gucci Soho Disco Bag Review

This is one bag I can not get my mind off. The simplicity of the Gucci logo on the front of the bag reminds of the classic Chanel logo, where the two C’s collide together, both in the opposite direction, in Gucci’s case however it is with two G’s. I do love bags with a lot of room in them as I am the type of girl that likes to carry many items with me on my daily roundabout out of the house or if I am off to work. The Gucci Soho Disco bag although is less roomy, it still has enough space for a couple of necessary items to take with you on a night out in the city. Many brands  have this type of similar styled bags; the style is called usually a ‘camera bag’ for its boxy compressed frame.

Although I have mentioned many other brands carry this similar style, I have to say though that Gucci has done it the best. I really love the oversized leather strap, which is known to be called a tassel. This is a really nice feature as it adds character to the bag and the person wearing it. The pebbled leather finish looks fabulously smooth and I truly do admire this texture on bags as it gives the bag a elegant look. The only problem I found most of the time with pebbled leather is the fact that it usually sags or losses it’s shape, however I have read many reviews about this bag and I have to say that no-one has has this issue with it, which is really pleasing to know. Ian definitely eyeing on one of these, and hopefully I will get to purchase a replica version of this bag in the near future. If you guys have any good suggestions let me know.

I have found the Gucci Soho Disco bag on these following replica sites below. I am looking to review one of them once I choose the site I will purchase from and the colour I want! So please look forward to that post.