Chanel Reissue 227 Replica Review

Chanel is a brand that needs no introduction. When one hears the word Chanel, one would usually associate it with words like ‘Luxury’, ‘Chic’, ‘Classic’, etc. This brand is the epitome of the designer bag world. I truly believe that no bag collection should exist without a Chanel. Therefore this bag has been on my wish list ever since my eyes had the pleasure of laying itself on this masterpiece of a bag. This bag is not only one of the most recognizable bags of all time but it really is one of the most beautiful. The Chanel Reissue was reissued off of a previously designed Chanel style, which is also where the name ‘Reissue’ came from. The classic Chanel quilting and the smooth texture of the lambskin both flow so well together. This Chanel model actually bares many differences when comparing it to more up to date Chanel models. For example the Chanel Reissue’s metal strap is not intertwined with leather. This is another main reason why this bag is so beautiful. Although I still love the strap on the current models as well, I just have to say that the Reissue’s strap is just so stunning I would choose this version over the current ones any day.

Chanel is a great bag for usability and storage of items. I have heard on many forums that the clasp on the front of the bag, which essentially locks up the bag, is a bit tricky to get into, however once you get the hang of it they say you will overtime become a pro. Once the bag is open however you will notice another flap with a snap inclosure, which many say you don’t have to snap and close as you already have one over it of that purpose. After you open the second flap you should notice two side pockets and fairly sizeable storage space.

Overall this bag is sincerely a timeless piece that will live on forever in my opinion. I will definitely be purchasing a replica version of this Chanel to review in more depth. I have found the following replica sites that sell this Chanel. You can view them below: