Are Instagram Replica Sellers Trustable?

I have noticed more and more Instagram sellers are popping up here and there. I can see why they are so luring as the Instagram app enables a easy way to communicate with replica sellers. However the problem with this ease is that it is also really easy to get scammed. I have outlined below the two main reasons why to not purchase from Instagram sellers in order to hopefully stop any of you reading from becoming victims.


The biggest reason to not purchase from any Instagram seller is the fact that there isn’t enough reviews to back their trust. I personally would never purchase anything unless I can find reviews about the seller. I mean why would you send your hard earned money to someone you know little about?


I really don’t see the reason why many would purchase from a Instagram seller when they can simply find many websites online which do have reviews and an established business. I can assume it is easier to set up an Instagram then to set up an actual site. This ease which Instagram enables makes it really easy for anyone to set up a Instagram and start selling. I am sure there are some legit sellers on Instagram (none of which I have heard of, yet), however they must be buried underneath the large amount of scam sellers.

Finally here is a review by a reader named M. (name was asked to not be revealed):

Hello there, I purchased a bag from a Instagram seller named @luxury_quality_replicas who apparently no longer exists. This guy was a scam because he did not send me the products i was promised to recieve. He was very kind when I was communicating with him, but once I sent him the money, which was around $120, he ignored me afterwards. I was trying to purchase a Celine Phantom in black but nothing ever showed up in the mail. I am writing this to you so that maybe you can spread awareness about this type of scam. I really love reading your blog and only wish I had found it sooner. Thanks!

I really felt M’s pain while I read this, as it truly does suck to fall victim to a scam. I hope this post was helpful in clearing up the concerns and experiences I’ve (and M) had with Instagram sellers. I am sure there are more successful experiences however I just have never heard of anyone buying from a Instagram seller who had a good outcome. The main point here is that Instagram sellers are just not worth the risk. If any of you lovely readers have any experiences you would like to share you can email me or drop a comment below!

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